Management team​

Our team is a carefully selected mix of talents from the military, commercial and financial worlds.
They include high ranking former Special Forces, marine commando, and naval officers, alongside commercial, logistics and financial specialists with extensive experience working in some of the world’s largest shipping companies and maritime industry. Together they provide our clients with an all-encompassing, turnkey solution.

Why us


Ohad Shtilman - CEO

Ohad Shtilman is a former member of the Israeli ISA (equivalent to the U.S. Secret Service). During his service, Mr. Shtilman held a wide variety of operational and management positions, including command of the Prime Minister’s protection team, event security management, advanced training and methodologies specialist. Mr. Shtliman also former Israeli Navy seal with combat experience.

Ronen Manis - Navy Cdr. (ret). - COO

25 years command and management experience. Expert in command & control systems, advanced simulators and training platforms. His outstanding strengths: Initiating and creating efficient infrastructure, construction and high-rise projects in marine and land environments.
BA: Homeland Security, Diplomacy and Strategy.
MA: National Homelands Security studies.
Graduate from the Executive Program for National Construction Strategy Planning.


Former Israeli Navy seal with combat experience.
He has deployed in many areas around the world and he has established and conducted training programs for armed forces and private sectors.
Kobi currently serves as a director for a number of Israeli and foreign companies.
BA in Finance from the Reichman University, Herzliya.

Karmit Duchan - Navy Cdr. (ret). - CHRO

Karmit Duchan – Navy Cdr. (ret). – CHRO
24 years of experience in the field of command and management.
Management of Human Resources.
Taking care of the individual, design and implementation of international cooperation, leading visits, producing complicated events.
B.A: Psychology and Human Resources.
M.A: – National Homelands Security studies.

Executive Management

Pinhas Buchris Ret. Brigadier General

Retired Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Defense; former commander of the 8200 intelligence division. Recognized leader in the development of Israel’s military intelligence, cyber and technology capabilities and an
experienced investor; the driving force behind many of Israel’s cyber programs.
Pinhas Buchris was a partner in Apax Partners (a leading global private equity advisory firm) and served as a mentor to several successful cyber technology startups.


Vulcan Power establishes security systems based on advanced technological and physical systems for marine infrastructures. Vulcan leads in the characterization and integration of warning, detection and identification systems (surface, underwater and inside marine platforms systems) into friendly command and control systems installed in situation rooms designed for each client’s specific needs.

Proofed hi-level of execution


Outstanding reputation and experience

Ability to link new ‘Tier A’ clients

In depth understanding of market needs

Proven system and technology integration capabilities

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